Friday, October 23, 2015

FROM OCT 6, 2015
Oh. My. Goodness. This week. I can't even describe it. Everything fell into our laps. It was so incredible and miraculous I can't explain. It was just really good :)

SO... for my last transfer, I found out I’m staying in Buda and getting Sister L. to be my Sister Training Leader companion, and Sister D. is leaving to train in Szeged! This transfer went by SOOO fast-- it literally flew :(    Ahhh, I can't leave my mission!! Make it stop!

On P-day, we went to Esztergom, a beautiful city with a huge basilica. You climb a million steps (it's kind of like St. Peter's in Rome) and overlook the river crossing into Szlovakia. Gorgeous. 

Sister D. and I were tracting one day and we talked with this Ukrainian néni that had the cutest, thickest Russian accent. She said,  "Let me get my friend; we usually pray together." So she goes next door and gets this late 20s girl, haha, and we all go in the néni's  home and we taught about the BoM and gave them each one. Then we each said a prayer, with the néni saying the Lord's prayer. Then, she gave us Ukrainian candy.  :)

We had so many amazing programs this week! We finished teaching A. and her cute family the Plan of Salvation. We asked them why they'd want to live with their families forever. H. said it would be really boring without them :) A. said she'd like to have more time with her kids, and M. said because he loves them.  A. said the closing prayer and thanked God for bringing the Nővérek and this religion to them.

Before E.'s program, she looked really tired and kind of down. She hadn't read, so we read 3 Nephi 11 with her and by the end she was smiling and happy. 

We met with R., the photographer we tracted into. He literally said "You know, the only reason I came back is because last time, I was really touched by something. I just felt something and that's why I didn't say that I don't have time or something." It was awesome-- no one has ever said that before! He had read Alma 32 that we gave him and said that it was really new, different, and confusing. But he literally said that, even though it was hard to understand, the good feeling just "cancels it out!” It didn't even matter to him that it was confusing and different because of the good feeling he had! He said the prayer and asked if all week he could feel the good feeling he was feeling right then.

General conference was really good! I liked Elder Lawerence's talk about how the Spirit can help us find ways to improve one step at a time. Á. said he probably couldn't come to any of the sessions, so we were sad, but he came to priesthood! He took notes and said the messages were really powerful. A. and E. came to the Sunday morning session and E. also took notes and loved that they talked about following God even when the world doesn't. 

We met with Á. twice and the first time he recapped his prayer and scripture experience, saying it was the most pleasant feeling and that he couldn't describe it, like light was surrounding him. He noted that the prayer is what made the scripture reading so meaningful: he called it a "package deal" :) Last night, we met with him and talked about baptism. The Spirit was really strong, especially as he said the closing prayer. After the prayer, we all sat there for a minute in silence-- the Spirit was so powerful. We again asked that, if he feels ready by October 31st, if he would be baptized. He said "I'm planning on it.” He is really amazing. 

I don't really want to think about the fact that this is my last transfer. I can't leave this place. I can't leave the néni-s (even if they yell at you sometimes :) and I can't leave the members. I can't leave the big ugly Communist ten-story buildings that follow you everywhere, and I can't leave the investigators. My heart is going to break into a million pieces when I leave. But for now... here's to my last transfer here in Magyarország!!! 

FROM OCT 12, 2015
Hey guys! My new companion is cool-- she is half Finnish, and we actually met some Finnish members while tabling, so that was cool! Her dad is from Finland, but he grew up in Australia. She has lived all over the place for her dad’s work, including Beijing, Mexico City, etc. She's 26 and graduated from BYU in linguistics and worked in Texas most recently, so she's amazing! 

Things are good. Á. is doing well, so busy and has been sick so we haven't been able to meet with him as much as I would like. We may have to push the baptism a few weeks for this reason, but he's doing well. 

E. is also doing well, but is still into believing in everything. We really focused on Joseph Smith restoring the priesthood power to the earth and why that is so important because we can only make these covenants with God if it is through someone that holds this priesthood authority. 

We were able to finally meet with economist A. again and talked about the plan of Salvation and it was really good. We talked about how a good father lets his children live and learn and make mistakes, just like our Heavenly Father. 

We also  tracted into an Indian-Hindu guy, so that was cool. But how do you even start teaching or talking with someone who doesn't really have much of a knowledge of Jesus Christ? Still, it was good, and we talked about God and his plan for us and Jesus Christ and I really felt the Spirit as we did so. He wasn't really interested, but it was still a cool experience.  Another cool thing that happened: a girl saw us struggling with our luggage, so she ran up to help us. We talked with her and got her number.

FROM OCT 19, 2015 
Hey guys, no time this week!  We went on splits in the beautiful city of Veszprém and I got to be with my greenie again, Sister J. Oh, I love her SO much!

Everything is good…my investigators are just suuuuper busy and can never meet :(  But they're good.   We were able to do the stop smoking program with the less active G. and she said she loved it! Although, halfway through the week we called her and she said she was still using the synthetic pipe that she doesn't think is bad for you at all---but she stopped using it, so apparently the program worked!

Basically no new news... We were able to meet with Á. twice this week! He is doing well! We moved his date to the 7th or 14th of November, just to give us time to teach everything, so he is deciding which one he wants right now. He came to both sacrament and Sunday School, so that was good, not just sacrament. That's his biggest struggle, I think, is the coming to all three hours of church. But we taught the Sabbath day and he was like "Ya, there needs to be a day to rest ourselves spiritually". He has been reading the BoM and also listening to the conference talks he missed. We also taught him about tithing, and then in church the next day, a member gave a really in-depth talk about tithing! Haha! So that was cool. When we asked why God would give us the commandment to pay tithing, he responded thoughtfully:  "Well, on one hand, to practice our faith" (or something along those lines) "and on the other hand, for the ecclesiastical matters" (or something).  Oh, Á. is so great.

And a final random side not: Do you guys remember the family I taught in Szeged? With the son who is baptized and the little girls? Anyway, the Grandma, M., apparently got baptized a couple of weeks ago! Just thought I'd share that.

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